TULUS was founded in 1991 in Nittedal, Norway, and is the first black metal band Blodstrup and Sarke from Khold played in.

The debut album was recorded in 1996, and the band has so far released 5 studio albums.
Earlier this year, “Pure Black Energy”, “Mysterion” and “Evil 1999” were re-released on CD and for the first time ever on vinyl.

TULUS will forever be an underground cult act, and they have always kept true to their own style of primitive yet groovy, cold, filthy black metal.
With the exception of “Biography Obscene” they have kept the lyrics in Norwegian.

In February 2023, the new studio album “Fandens Kall” was released.

Line up:
Blodstrup: Vocals/guitar
Crowbel: Bass
Sarke: Drums


2023: Fandens Kall
2020: Old Old Death
2019: Evil 1999 (Reissue)
2019: Mysterion (Reissue)
2019: Pure Black Energy (Reissue)
2012: Olm og Bitter
2007: Biography Obscene
2000: Cold Core Collection(Collection)
1999: Evil 1999
1998: Mysterion
1996: Pure Black Energy

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Photo: © Morten Syreng

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