TULUS was founded 1991 in Nittedal by Blodstrup and Sarke from Khold.
They recorded their debut album in 1996, and have released five albums so far.

TULUS have always been in the underground, and been regarded as a sideproject
next to the members’ activities with Khold and Old Man’s Child.

Crowbel is the new member in TULUS, having replaced Victor Borge (TNT) on bass.
Crowbel is known from Minas Tirith.

Olm og Bitter..
…is TULUS’ new album, the first in five years.
TULUS has returned to their roots and the critically acclaimed ”Pure Black Energy”.
”Olm og Bitter” contains 10 strong tracks of pure, old school TULUS.
Raw, energetic, groovy and atmospherical soundscapes with Norwegian lyrics.

”Olm og Bitter” was recorded by Andy La Rocque (King Diamond) in Sonic Train Studios.
The artwork is by Egil Nyhus.

Line up:
Blodstrup: Vocals/guitar
Crowbel: Bass
Sarke: Drums

2012: Olm og Bitter
2007: Biography Obscene
2000: Cold Core Collection (compilation)
1999: Evil 1999
1998: Mysterion
1996: Pure Black Energy

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Photo: Asgeir Mickelson

Photo: Asgeir Mickelson

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