Innovation is a key word when it comes to Swiss metal experimentalists SAMAEL.

What started out with pure and raw black metal (“Worship Him”, 1991 and “Blood Ritual” in 1992) soon evolved into a whole different beast: with their landmark release “Passage” (1996), SAMAEL turned towards groove-laden dark metal, and afterwards they started incorporating electronic, oriental or world music parts on highly successful albums such as “Solar Soul” (2007).

After a brief romance with the brutal sound of their early days on “Above” in 2009, the band returned to the essence and core of SAMAEL with their 2011 album “Lux Mundi”. An album which may be compared to “Passage” when it comes to catchiness and songwriting skills, but this “Light of the world” can draw from whole decades of experience and experiments! The result was a pitch black monster boasting epic melodies, cutting riffs and grooves second to none.

The band is working on their next sonic adventure, but in 2015 the band will play some selected festivals, where they will focus the main part of the performance on the 1994 masterpiece «Ceremony Of Opposites».

Official website:

Line up:
Vorph – vocals, guitar
Xy – drums, programming
Mak – guitars
Drop – bass

«Worship Him» (1991)
«Blood Ritual» (1992)
«Ceremony Of Opposites» (1994)
«Rebellion» (EP) (1995)
«Passage» (1996)
«Exodus» (EP) (1998)
«Eternal» (1999)
«Black Trip» (DVD) (2003)
«Telepath» (EP) (2004)
«Reign Of Light» (2004)
«On Earth» (EP) (2005)
«Era One» (2006)
«Solar Soul» (2007)
«Above» (2009)
«Antigod» (EP) (2010)
«Lux Mundi» (2011)

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