We are Einherjer
Frode Glesnes – guitar, bass fx & vocal
Aksel Herløe – lead guitar, bass fx & backing vocal
Gerhard Storesund – drums & samples

For over twenty years we have carried out our vision. We were there when Norwegian extreme metal grew forth and took shape as an enormous cultural export.
We played far and wide. At home and abroad. We were part of something new. Something special and innovative.
We were there when Norwegian metal gathered and inspired thousands.
We were there and swung the hammer when Viking metal was forged as a unique expression that later inspired countless bands, worldwide.

Now the horns of war sound again.
And Einherjer is there.

1995 Leve Vikingånden
1996 Aurora Borealis
1996 Dragons of the North
1997 Far Far North
1998 Odin Owns Ye All
2000 Norwegian Native Art
2003 Blot
2011 Norrøn
2014 Av Oss, For Oss

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