Aura Noir

The ugliest band in the world!

Aura Noir started out as a solo-project of Aggressor in 1995, recorded a couple of demos with the help of Apollyon, that later join the band full-time. They were perhaps little more than just the exorcism Aggressor needed for a certain type of demons before he could let inspiration of an even more devilish kind roam free, transforming Aura Noir into the penultimate Black Thrash Metal band.

The Band released their fourth full-length “Hades Rise” in 2008, and a brand new album will be released in spring 2012, entitled “Out To Die”. It bears all the trademarks of classic Aura Noir – whipping drums, razorsharp jet-black riffs and the frightening vocal delivery of Apollyon. Completing the infernal trio is Blasphemer of Mayhem fame.

Aura Noir is back, stronger than ever, and they will give you a brutal lesson of old school black thrash when they hit your stage!

Demo (1993)
Two Voices, One King (Demo) (1994)
Dreams Like Deserts (EP) (1995)
Black Thrash Attack (1996)
Deep Tracts Of Hell (1998)
The Merciless (2004)
Hades Rise (2008)
Out To Die (2012)

Aggressor (guitar, vocals)
Apollyon (bass, drums, vocals)
Blasphemer (guitar)
Tank (drums, live)

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Aura Noir live-72 dpi


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