TSJUDER confirmed for Roskilde Festival!

Tsjuder will bring the evil cold to Denmark´s legendary Roskilde Festival.
The festival takes place June 27 to July 4.
Date for Tsjuder´s performance is TBA.
Please check the festival homepage for further details.
Tickets are available now.


Cold winds are blowing from up north, and the ground seems to be opening!

Spawned from the mother country of black metal we proudly present Tsjuder (pronounced ‘shoo-der’). The band was formed in Oslo during the second wave of black metal in the 90s, and they have put a defining touch on the extreme and ice-cold genre, which they mix up with waves of thrash-inspired riffage. Like a Janus head, Tsjuder looks both backwards and forwards simultaneously.

The trio – consisting of Nag, Draugluin and Anti-Christian – put out their fifth full-length Antiliv (Anti-life) back in September. It’s a collection of menacing, uncompromising and straight-up evil songs that follow the band’s path to undermine a decadent Christian civilization. That’s right, Tsjuder delivers pure satanic black metal based on topics such as darkness, death and hatred – and they keep the black metal sound fresh 30 years after it first crawled into this world.

And if you think they sound evil on record, just wait until you see them live. That’s when everything comes together.

Everyone with a taste for corpse paint and hellish musical assaults, step into the stroboscopic lights of Tsjuder as they play into the night! We guarantee it will be brutal!

Tsjuder 2015