SNOWY SHAW confirmed for Wacken Open Air!

Snowy Shaw will bring his burlesque freakshow to next year´s edition of Wacken Open Air.

When it comes to Metal, Snowy Shaw needs no special introduction. During the last 25 years, he earned almost cult status and following, and established his reputation of as one of the most talented and unique artists in the entire Metal scene. After being member of such legendary bands as MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND, THERION, DIMMU BORGIR, MEMENTO MORI, DREAM EVIL, NOTRE DAME, OPERA DIABOLICUS and others – where he appeared as a vocalist, guitarist, bassist and drummer – he lately joined the reigning Power Metal kings SABATON, and spent more than year touring the world with them.

Now it’s time to return to the original plan: a solo career, which is about to start with the much awaited live DVD/CD package, titled “The Liveshow: 25 Years Of Madness In The Name Of Metal”. The album includes more than 3 hours of amazing, high quality material, recorded on two special shows, and feat. special guests such as Andy La Rocque of KING DIAMOND, members of MERCYFUL FATE, and Snowy’s backing band feat. lead guitarist Kristian Niemann (THERION), Mannequin De Sade III (NOTRE DAME, ENGEL), Mark U Black (DREAM EVIL) and Vikki Valkyrie (ICE AGE).

“The Liveshow” has a one of a kind track listing, as except playing own originals, Snowy performed with his band all his personal favorites from his former bands, incl. classics such as “Eye Of The Witch” and “Sleepless Nights” (KING DIAMOND), “Evil” and “Come To The Sabbath” (MERCYFUL FATE), “The Book Of Heavy Metal” (DREAM EVIL), “To Mega Therion” (THERION) or “The Serpentine Offering” (DIMMU BORGIR), in a truly theatrical way.

“The Liveshow” is a summary of Snowy Shaw’s career so far, but also a milestone that marks the beginning of a new era and probably the most spectacular debut album of a new band that has ever been released!

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